Happy birthday to us!

Blowing out 50 candles on a cake is a real milestone, especially after the setbacks which the sector as a whole has had to face and overcome, with companies, workers, knowledge and businesses in our area suffering as a result. It wasn’t an easy decision to branch out into something new; we had to go back to the drawing board but this brought us closer to our workforce. We carved out a new niche in the market that played to our strengths, maintaining our commitment to continuous learning, strict quality controls and environmental awareness. On 9 September 2023 we celebrated by opening our doors to our friends in the community who have been by our side for five decades, welcoming the people we work with – 200 employees and partners – and their families, our suppliers, clients, friends and acquaintances. So many people stopped by to join us in our celebrations, further confirmation that the choice to stay local and show them our gratitude was the right one.