The painting ‘Madonna and Child between Saints Titian and Andrew and an acolyte’ by Titian Vecellio is restored to its former glory

We have always had close ties with our local community and we recently had the good fortune to be involved in a project to restore a work of art in Pieve di Cadore to its former glory, confirming the author of the work to be no other than Titian. As part of its twentieth anniversary celebrations, we supported the Titian and Cadore Study Center Foundation in the restoration of the work ‘Madonna and Child between Saints Titian and Andrew and an acolyte’. This altarpiece was painted between 1559 and 1568 for the chapel of the noble Vercellio family and is the only one of Titian’s works in Cadore. Kept in the archdeacon church of Santa Maria Nascente, the canvas, the object of two thefts over the years, was thought to have been the work of Titian’s workshop. The painstaking restoration by Francesca Faleschini, along with diagnostic analyses, have confirmed it is entirely the work of the local artist and includes a self-portrait of the master – the assistant holding the crozier of Saint Titian.

tiziano pala pieve di cadore restaurata