Environmental sustainability

Galvalux believes its local area is a precious resource and has always been sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability. Over the years we have striven to improve our performance and awareness, ensuring the technologies we use are environmentally friendly.


Covers 50% of the company’s electricity needs

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Air recirculation

Recovers heat, meeting 80% of needs – 90,000 m3/h

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Water purification

5000 litres/day of distilled water, zero discharge into sewer system

Methane cogeneration

We generate 190 kW of electricity and 275 kW of thermal energy (for heating and air conditioning)


We have two photovoltaic systems which produce a total of 340 kWh, covering more than 50% of our electricity needs.

Methane cogeneration

Thanks to this technology, we have reduced our emissions and improved our energy efficiency, generating 190 kW of electricity and 275 kW of thermal energy (for heating and air conditioning) as a byproduct of the production of kWh through a single gas-powered plant.
These two technologies provide us with up to 90% of our electricity needs.

Water purification

All our process water is treated internally, generating 22,500 litres of distilled water a day, which means ZERO discharge into the sewer system.

Air recirculation

Our air recirculation system recovers a large amount of heat (80% of our overall requirements), while ensuring a healthy environment for all our workers.

Afterburner VOC abatement

This system removes solvents in the air, filtering 60 m3/h. It oxidizes and eliminates pollutants, reducing our atmospheric emissions by 95%.

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