Reading that we are considered “The gold standard in the colour application industry, combining Italian artisan skill and industrial know-how for the fashion industry around the globe” is a source of great pride to us but makes it hard to sum up 50 years of history in a couple of pages.

What will you find on our new site?

We’ll give you updates on the different treatments we use: electroplating/finishing, electroplating /preparations, coating, other treatments, physical vapour deposition.
We’ll publish the results of our laboratories dedicated to testing and quality control, research and development into electroplating, coating and colour, as well as a list of the main tests we carry out and the equipment we use.
We’ll explain about production and illustrate our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.
We’ll give you all the details you need to get in touch with us, so we can respond promptly to your requests.
We’ll introduce you to the team, so you can put names to faces, see what everyone does and how we do it.